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About Us

Our history, employees and customers.

The story of our lip balm started over 100 years ago. On this page you will find all the information about the history of Strongness, our hard-working helpers and the adventures on which Strongness was already allowed to be a part of. You will also find a selection of our partners, for whom we have been privileged to produce our balm over the years.



The history of our lip balm started in the year 1882 in Chur, Grisons. The Rosenapotheke in Untere Gasse was run by Joseph Anton Lohr and his wife Anna Augusta Lohr-Essich from 1882 to 1970. This is the very birthplace of our lip balm. Strongness was first produced in 1882 and since then it has been continuously refined by Lohr's descendants.


Today, our balm is still handmade according to the original family recipe by Elisabeth Darms. She learned the craft from her father Gieri. The succession is also already secured. The children of Elisabeth, Gian-Luca and Mara, are already working diligently, especially in the fields online presence and design.



Elisabeth Darms

owner / production


Gian Luca Buchli

online presence / finance


Plasch Jon Depeder

shipping / administration


Mara Lisa Buchli



Strongness Lip Balm Customer Onoff
Strongness Lip Balm Customer ZKB Cantonal Bank
Strongness Lip Balm Customer Building Ski Event
Strongness Lip Balm Customers SGGM SSMM
Strongness Lip Balm Customer Zai Ski
Strongness Lip Balm Customer Mountain Point
Strongness Lip Balm Customers SBK ASI
Strongness Lip Balm Customer HCD Hockey Club Davos
Strongness Lip Balm Customer Calvin Klein Golf
Strongness Lip Balm Customer Deflorin Engravings
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