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At Strongness, we use the highest quality natural ingredients to provide the best care and protection for your lips. Our ingredients are processed by hand with the utmost care. This is how we created a unique formula that moisturizes your lips and gives them a healthy looking glow.

We are proud that our lip balm is made in the mountains of Switzerland. The pristine nature and clear mountain air give our products a special purity and freshness. Each lip balm is handmade with love and dedication to ensure the quality and effectiveness our customers deserve.

Strongness is not only about care, but also about tradition. Joseph Anton Lohr's original recipe has been passed down for generations and forms the very basis of our products.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients Beeswax


Cera Alba

Soothes redness and itching, has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  The high concentration of vitamin A in beeswax naturally helps the skin regenerate and retain moisture.  Unlike many other fats and waxes, it allows the skin to breathe and does not clog pores.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients- Chamomile


Extract Chamomillae

Chamomile's soothing and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and nourish irritated and dry lips. It can reduce redness and swelling and promote natural healing. Chamomile is also known for its moisturizing properties, which can help increase the moisture content of the lips and keep them soft and supple.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients Beeswax Black Tea

Black tea

Folio Thea Nigrum

It is the tannins in black tea that have an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect. At the same time, they form a protective film over the affected skin area, making it impossible for pathogens to multiply.  These subsequently die off and the inflammation heals.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients Peppermint


Folio Menthae

This medicinal plant is particularly impressive for its high content of essential oils. peppermint thus supports the effect of black tea.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients Sage


Extractum Salviae

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of sage extract help prevent infections and reduce inflammation on the lips. Like black tea extract, it is also rich in antioxidants that protect against environmental stressors.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients- Witch Hazel

witch hazel

Extract Hamamelidis

Hamamelis is known for its astringent and anti-inflammatory helps reduce redness and swelling and soothe the skin. In addition, hamamelis has a toning effect that makes lips appear firmer and fuller. It can also help protect the lips from harmful environmental influences by forming a protective barrier.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients- Lanolin



Lanolin, also known as wool wax, is a natural substance extracted from the wool of sheep. One of the main benefits of lanolin is its exceptional ability to retain moisture. When applied to the lips, it forms a protective barrier that keeps the skin from losing moisture and protects it from the effects of environmental stresses, wind and cold. This prevents chapped and cracked lips.

Strongness Lip Balm Ingredients-Walnut Oil

Walnut oil

Oleum Juglandis Nucis

Walnut oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Particularly noteworthy are its valuable tannins, which have anti-inflammatory properties. These can help soothe and heal irritated or chapped lips, while at the same time the oil moisturizes and forms a protective barrier to protect the lips from drying and environmental damage.

Strongness-Lip Balm-Ingredients-Sunscreen-Eusolex

Sun protection


As an organic UV filter, Eusolex provides excellent sun protection that protects the delicate skin of the lips from the harmful effects of UV radiation. It forms a protective barrier that prevents UV rays from attacking the lips and protects them from premature aging and sunburn. Eusolex is waterproof and provides long-lasting protection, ideal for outdoor activities and sunny days.

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