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Strongness expeditions

For as many as 140 years, our balm has been used to nourish lips and hands and protect them from extreme weather conditions. During this time, Strongness has proven itself as an everyday companion. A selection of the exciting adventures that Strongness has already been allowed to accompany:


Strongness - the lip balm that can conquer summits! Our unique formula has proven itself on at least eight Himalayan expeditions, even accompanying legendary mountaineers like the famous Reinhold Messner. Strongness also helped Ms. Hannelore Schmatz from Neu-Ulm, Germany, become the first Western woman to reach the summit of Everest - an impressive achievement!



Since 1976, our lip balm and its protective effect have always proven its worth on all mountaineering expeditions. With Strongness you will be able to rely on a proven product that moisturizes and protects your lips from the extreme conditions of the mountains.

Tirich Mir 7706

Makalu 8475

Manaslu 8156

Cho-Oyu 8201

Lhotse 8511

Shisha 8012

Everest 8848 


Experience the power of Strongness and take your lip care to a new level. Prepare to reach your own pinnacles. Rely on the strength that has accompanied legendary adventurers - Strongness lip balm, the key to protected and cared for lips, no matter where your adventure takes you.

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