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Strongness Lipbalm

Strongness Lip Balm - Original Recipe Since 1882.


Made for cracked and dry skin & lips. Protects against extreme weather conditions and sun exposure. Effective for treating fever blisters.


The following main ingredients provide Strongness with its healing and nourishing effects:



Soothes redness and itching, possesses calming, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. The high concentration of Vitamin A in beeswax naturally supports skin regeneration and moisture retention. Allows the skin to breathe and does not clog pores.


Black Tea:

Acts as an anti-inflammatory and astringent. The tannins in black tea form a protective barrier over the affected skin area, preventing pathogens from multiplying.


Sage and Peppermint:

These two medicinal plants are distinguished by their high content of essential oils. They enhance the effects of black tea.


Chamomile and Hamamelis:

Have antibacterial properties and are effective against superficial skin injuries.


Vanilla aroma: Provides a pleasant taste as an alternative to chemical perfumes.


Sun Protection:

Eusolex sun filter produced by Merck Serono is purely organic and completely safe.


Complete List of Ingredients: Folium Thea Nigrum, Folium Salviae, Folium Menthae, Oleum Juglandis Nucis, Propylenglycolum, Tanninum, Aqua Hamamelidis, Extractum Chamomillae, Extractum Salviae, Extractum Hamamelidis, Adeps Lanae, Lanette, Alcoholia Lanae, Cera Alba, Eusolex, Vanilla Aroma


Product Specifications:

Container: Metal

Quantity: Approx. 14ml / 9g Strongness Lip Balm


Furthermore, Strongness is completely free from paraffins!

Strongness Lipbalm

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